One land, inifinite experiences

ifty-five municipalities, each of them with unique traits, which preserve an old and magical charm, lying between see and mountain, among hills, lakes, natural areas and breath-taking landscapes. Architecture and spirituality, tradition, commerce, handicraft, folklore and traditional cuisine are linked together to create a unique combination of experiences.

The attractions are numerous and perfectly integrated between each other, with an entire respect for a strong and proud land.

The Marca Maceratese is composed by some of the most beautiful Italian villages and several Slow Food Presidia, it welcomes some of the most famous International Festivals and It is a beating hearth of industrial districts which are the most appreciated ones of the Made In Italy. Art, nature, tradition and … much more.

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mia what a show!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, the Vincisgrassi alla Maceratese!

The undisputed sovereign of every kitchen in the Marca Maceratese area has been registered as “Vincisgrassi alla Maceratese TSG” (Traditional Speciality Guaranteed) by the European Union.

Seven layers of pasta, a square portion of exactly 10 cm per side, and an explosive taste that traditionally brings everyone together.

Do you already know where you're headed?

Do you already know where
you're headed?

Only in you can

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Discover “In viaggio con MaMa”, the first web series on the Marca Maceratese.

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