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What we mean by “Experience”

The MaMa’s experiences give you the opportunity to share with your hosts the places you love, by living and discovering them with unique activities, inspired and guided by your passion. They are activities thought and managed by locals. They are not tours or standard events, they are living experiences, which allow the host to fully deep into the world and the environment which is hosting it. It is a unique experience to share your own world’s vision in a unique way. By creating your experience you will be part of a community of passionate people with whom you are going to share interets, experiences and new ideas. It is not just about getting to know new people but it is buidling up a real own community.

What do we expect form an experience

We particulary care about our territory, therefore we want the host who choses it to live it in the best of ways. We want that whoever choose a MaMa experience can live good and non conventional moments, far from the common paths, and expecially we want them to be unrepeatable. You can suggest all kind of activities, from cuisine courses to extreme sports, from walks in the nature or between the villages which are most characteristic for the relax. There are no limits to the willingness of knowing the territory, neither on the ways for doing so. Our goal is giving the hosts the possibility to live the terriotry in a way which cannot be done otherwise, by different activities but all of them with one characteristich: the uniqueness.

How to suggest an experience

Suggesting an experience is very easy. You can start by filling in the form, in few steps:


Describe the palce you have chosen for your activity by stating: Municipality, Address and Street Number.




Title of the experience

Describe in details the type of activity, in what hosts are involved, what the itenerary foresse if it is a tour, or which are the objectives is it is a course. (MAX 1000 characters space included)

Describe the experience

If you want the experience to be avilable also for foreiger tourists, write down the experience’s description in Italian language

Describe the experience in Italian language

We need the picture to attach in the experience’s description.
Pictures must not exceed 2MB in size.

Attach a picture

Max. size: 2.0 MB

Tell us about yourself

Tell us about: your qualities, the commitment you put into your activity, how many years you are involved in it, where your passion was born, etc. (MAX 300 characters spaces included)



Name of your Activity or of your Company

Tell us about yourself

What's included

Cost of the experience

Is there an ideal period? Which are the available dates? Write it by defining the month, day, time, and the duration.


What time does the experience take place?

Starting time

Ending time

Write the telephone, e-mail and a web site (if available)




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