Ancient villages

Built among the hills of Macerata, some among the imperative rocks, other on soft hills, the villages of the MaMa’s territory are small scattered pearls, living demonstrations of a magical past.

Among walls, towers and castles, alleys and streets, and incomparable artistic heritages, in the territory the lands which have been nominated as “The most beautiful Italian Villages” are eight.

The villages welcome the tourist with their history and the past atmospheres which have still something to say, both at architectural level and thanks to the artistic proof which are kept in sanctuaries and art galleries. The folklore, festivals and historical re-enactments make possible in a direct and beautiful way to look for historical atmospheres, as the time did not stop, by keeping alive all the mafic of a stunnig territory.

Real open skies’ museums. Find out how to loose yourself in the beauty!

Here's what you can find:

Montelupone mystery tour

A night tour through the narrow streets buildings and caves of Montelupone, which will take you back to an ancient world of darkness and fear.

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