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Between the walls of ancient buildings, on the altars of the sanctuaries, safely in the museums: the art and the culture can be found in their big expression among the villages of the Marca Maceratese.

Not only keeper of treasures, the Marca Maceratese welcomed to life many famouse characters. Among all of them we have Giacomo Leopardi who, from Recanati, wrote his most important poems by getting inspiration from the infinity of the Monti Azzurri’s landscapes. Original autographed manuscripts like “L’Infinito” and “Alla Sera” are kept in the Visso’s museum. They are precious and preceless artifacts.

Another highly important person in the artistic’s production field was Lorenzo Lotto. During the Renaissance he used Macerata as inpirational place for His art. Today, his words and his paintings are kept between churches and museums spread all over the territory of Macerata.

Not last, the architectural aspect of the Marca Maceratese is rich and very ancient. In fact there are a big number of perfectly preserves archaelogical remains. Among all of the we have the town of Urbisaglia which has an archaelogical park of 40 hectares and it makes possible, with Its integrity, the typical structure of a Roman city.

There are also historical gardens, villas and prestigious resicences, as well as ancient institutions such as the University of Camerino and Its precious botanical garden.

The museum network of Macerata’s province is tight and very homogeneous. In fact, it includes museums of various kinds, dedicated to transportation, cinematographic art, and traditions and earth’s products.

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