Marche Birdlife Museum

Archivi fotografici comunali della provincia di Macerata

The museum boasts 867 specimens of stuffed birds, belonging to species still present in the Sibillini area as well as the greater area of the Central Apennines. These findings, which were recently restored, represent the great variety of birdlife of the Marche region. More info? Click here:

Il Giardino delle Farfalle

Viaggi e Sorrisi

Il Giardino delle Farfalle (lit. ‘The Butterfly’s Garden’) is charming place where you can watch butterflies fly everywhere and give a closer look to other insects, like the local Lepidoptera, that is butterflies and moths. The venue offers several spaces and environments, particularly a herb garden placed inside the structure where educational activities and experiences […]

University Botanic Garden

PH Riccardo Pennesi

The garden occupies a surface of about one hectare and consists of two main sections: a sloping nemoral one, created in the 19th century, where century-old trees recreate a little wood, and another even part, where herbaceous, shrub-like plants and trees of various heights are kept, meant for ornamental purposes. In the even area there […]

Museum of natural history

Exhibited inside a 14th-century building by the “Fondazione Oppelide”, the museum exhibits several fossils and minerals from different countries, also outside Europe. The exhibition has become a real tresure chest of culture, inside of which the items tell a story from the origins of the planet to their current state, creating a dialogue between the […]

Museum of natural history

The museum is located in the basement of Palazzo Rssini Lucangeli, a historical building commissioned by Captain Felice Rossini in 1570. The museum activity started in 1973, when curator Romano Dezi put together his palaeontological research with a series of exhibitions and presentations around the schools of the area. From 1993, all the findings that […]

Museum of natural science

It was established to promote scientific research, scientific dissemination, and museum education connected to nature in the Marche region and the Central Apennines. It is divided in three sections: the first one is geo-palaeontological and boasts a notable collection of Quaternary vertebrate fossils; the second one is zoological with specimens of the regional fauna; the […]

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Mama’s tips:

“Li Vurgacci” – This path, which winds through wooden bridges and footbridges, combines the beauty of nature with its proximity to the old town centre. It begins where the waters of the Potenza River cross Pioraco, in the place where a series of waterfalls, vortexes, pits and gorges, created from years and years of erosion, come to life, almost if by magic. Here there are also some rest areas where you can stop for a nice picnic.

Paper and Watermark Museum – Here you can have a rare experience, which consists in observing the hand-made creation of sheets of paper by the gualchiera, which will also allow you to witness the incredible use of tools and techniques typical of the 14th century.

River shrimp festival – In August, do not miss this event with food stands open for lunch and dinner, which pays tribute to one of the most incredible delicacies of the territory
– a crustacean of unique sweetness and flavour.

Souvenirs – Are you looking for a souvenir that will allow you to relive the town’s spirit? Then you have to buy one of the incredible filigree paper artifacts produced in the extraordinary Gualchiera Prolaquense.


Mama’s tips:

So much to do! – The main events of the town are the Italian Regularity Championship for Vintage Motorcycles (an Italian Classic Car Race Event, in June), “Città del Miele” (lit. “City of Honey”, in July), Festa della Montagna (Mountain Festival, in July), the Sagra degli Arrosticini (Arrosticini Food Festival), “Giornata Bandiera Arancione del TCI” (Orange Flag Day, in October) and Sagra della Castagna (Chestnut Festival, in October).

Green break – Are you ready to get lost among many trails, the conservation area of Polverina and Lake Boccafornace? The natural beauties of this territory will leave you speechless!

Enjoy! – The local cheeses, honey, chestnuts, legumes, beef, lamb, Varnelli liquors, trout and freshwater fish will enrich your table with unforgettable moments!

Rebirth – The community of this town rich in art and history is tenacious and eager to make you fall in love with the natural beauty offered by their territory.

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